1992 Plain Sane

When I worked at Bear Mountain as a snowboard instructor in 1992, I had no idea I was in the middle of a revolution in the making as park master, Mike Parillo was creating world’s first snowboard park, Outlaw. During those days, the progression of freestyle and park riding was high and it all started at Bear. Legends like Guch, Szabo, Graham, Brush, Parillo, Downing, and Carrougher were the locals of the jib-bonk-butter-rail-gap scene. One day, I was taking the lift up and met this quirky dude named Mike Maceda. He was this energetic guy who had all these cool gadgets. He had this crazy jester hat on, a fat leash strapped to his board and funky rubber gloves. Mike was also the owner-operator of Plain Sane accessories. Plain Sane ruled it with the edgiest, most radical products and he had every pro rocking his gear. Mike took me under his wing and showed me what it took to start your own snowboarding company. He had this large warehouse space in the art district of Los Angeles, where I took a 150 square foot area in the far back corner. He concentrated on accessories while I wanted to make clothing. Mike Maceda and his positive and creative mindset inspired me to do better; to think differently, to make cool shit that riders wanted. Bear on the weekends, Mt. Hood in summertime, my first ASR/SIA tradeshows, and an intro to OG shredders; Mike gave me the chance and the connections. 1992 is the year 686 was born and it will be forever dedicated to the everlasting radical nature of Mike and Plain Sane.

Plain Sane

Defined as the originator in Snowboard accessories since 1989, Plain Sane™ was the ultimate brand for anything functional and quirky. They ruled it with the edgiest, most radical products and had every pro in the world rocking the gear. From crazy jester hats to funky rubber gloves to fat leash straps, Plain Sane™ was the best back in the day. In 1992, Mike Maceda (owner of Plain Sane) help Mike West start 686 out of his dorm room at USC. 20 years later, 686 is returning the favor by doing a limited throwback to the OG’s.

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