Cam's Thoughts


Skate or Surf? Segway

Where are you from? Waynesville, North Carolina

High-Tech or Good-Times? Good Times

Where do you call home today? Salt Lake City, Utah

Goofy or Regular? Goofy

Sponsors? 686, Endeavor Snowboards, Air hole, Electric Goggles, Recess Ride Shop.

Date of Birth? 07-10 

What piece of HIGH-TECH equipment can you not live without? IPHONE.

Explain what a GOOD-TIME means to you? Any time that I got a smile on my face.

What other good-time things do you do off your snowboard? Skateboarding, making music, making some home brew, throwing down on the bbq cooking it up.

Any shout-outs to those who have helped you along the way? Everyone that has helped me along the way.

Favorite fruit? Kiwi

Final Thoughts? None.

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