Posted on August 29, 2014

For a double decade+ brand that designs products two years before it actually launches, we at 686 are stoked on this day. Today is the day that our Winter 2015 Collection launches. I will share a recent email our global marketing director, Brent sent out to the team.


“While it may be hot as hell outside, all the signs are indeed pointing towards winter. The warehouse is beyond packed so high with boxes that I can barely see Adam (warehouse manager) through them all, Jono’s (SVP global sales) voice is a little louder, a little more sarcastic, and he can’t stop talking about getting his #10daysofstoke for next year or making retailers “Reload Up!” next season and the entire company is working as a team to launch another exciting season at retail.”

Today marks the day we launch the entire newly evolved collection to the consumers on A collection in which the entire brand strived to make things  incredibly “better” for both the retailer and consumer by realigning collections, products, features and design languages to coincide with end use inspirations. “

I couldn’t feel more stoked for this upcoming winter season and our fired-up staff of 686 family members. Check out all the new and cool things coming up HERE


Posted on August 27, 2014

There’s an expression in footwear design called “black to the floor.” It basically means all black from the top of the upper to the bottom of the outsole. Besides my personal tastes of Tonal Color Combinations, the color Black is something that I live and die by.  Although sometimes too overly contrived or overdone, corporate unscripted campaigns demand your attention more than ever. I don’t drink coffee but when I recently saw what Tim Horton’s did with the color Black, I had to check it out


Posted on August 25, 2014

Look who dropped by the Westlife neighborhood


Lyndsay (Canadian born HKG living restaurateur of the world famous Yardbird, Ronin and just recently the opening of Sundays Grocery) Nichole (Fellow Canadian, global foodie and chef commentator for That Food Cray!) and Gill (alum via HB ecom)


Btw, have you seen Nichole and Aziz rap about Pineapple buns?


From our conversations, I can tell you there are some bright things on the horizon for these young chicas. The women’s fashion and streetwear market is about to be disrupted


And YES, Sundays are better…


Posted on August 22, 2014

The year was 1986 where I was combing through the pages of Thrasher magazine where I first saw Terry Kidwell. I was deep into the street scene of skateboarding in Hermosa and Venice Beach when I gradually transitioned into snowboarding. During this era, there were only a few icons shredding I looked up to-Damien Sanders, Craig Kelly and Terry Kidwell. If Damien was the rock star, Craig was the style master, TK was definitely the freestyle king. He used skateboarding as his influences and has later coined the term, the “father of freestyle” for obvious reasons. I can’t think of any other dude in snowboarding who deserves more credibility and high fives than Terry. Recently, Snowboarder Mag and grandmaster, Pat Bridges did an awesome interview with TK.  (photos Bud Fawcett, Mike Yoshida 


This is the photo I vividly remember


Another iconic one from Bud Fawcett


TK sometime in the early 90’s


I started 686 almost twenty two years ago with sole reason because I loved snowboarding and making stuff. Just like a lot people, Kidwell was an inspiration that brought my skate roots full circle to shredding. Other than gloss over his pages in the late 80’s, I never got to actually meet Terry until the turn of the millennium. It was at a Transworld conference where he was honored and I mentioned to him about my fledging business. He was mellow, humble and super cool. I also remember him mentioning that although snowboarding gave him so much, it also left him with so little. He was struggling to keep the lights and working several jobs. It hit me that the “business” of snowboarding can be a very difficult one to be in. Fast forward over a decade later, Kidwell is doing much better. On the eve of his 30th anniversary of the model that transformed the freestyle shred industry, the 1985 Kidwell Roundtail 1550, TK is set to re-release this on Sept 15th


TK today


Kidwell shredding the gnar in 686 gear


Close to four years ago, Rick Alden (Skullcandy, Stance) invited me along with a few other brand founders to a private sled trip in Vail Pass. Kidwell was also there and we reconnected but this time it was on the mountain. He didn’t know it, but I was trying to hold my excitement in by playing it cool, but in reality I was fanning out all day. From there, we started a long distance relationship and when the time came; our 686 marketing crew (Pat and Brent) made it officially happen with Bob Klein and TK. Within the next year, you’ll be seeing Kidwell x 686 doing some great things together. Check out some recent photos of Kidwell and skateboard professor and legend, Paul Schmitt make magic


Terry Kidwell Builds His Legendary Round Tail Sims Pro Model from Snowboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

Posted on August 20, 2014

When I’m at our HQ, my schedule is stacked from morning till night. I’m a dude on a mission to get shit done with a great team of people. What keeps it interesting are the misc heads that drop by and say “hello.” The latest drive-by’s of the day are my friends from Depactus


From land to the sea


Say hello to Luke and Bruce. Luke Egan (legendary retired world tour surfer, ex ASP contest director, Parko’s former head coach) and Bruce, “aka” the Bird” (former CEO of Arnette, founder of Electric and Peligroso) are a match made in heaven. Both of them stopped by the Westlife neighborhood to slap high fives and talk shop, including their new menswear brand Depactus


Get ready for something heavy from the fellas at DEPACTUS






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