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Shop Kid
Posted on January 16, 2012

When I was working and riding for my local skate shop back in the early days, the term “shop kid” was something I looked up to. To me, it was defined as someone who was proud to represent his hood and all the cool things the shop did. Kinda like someone calling you a “local grom.” As I started to grow up and be around people in the industry, the term started to mature into other meanings other than what I grew up on-from someone who had limited knowledge and only keen to their surroundings. I don’t know how this really started, but I do know that the true meaning of a shop kid in today’s world is a powerful positive thing. In an era where its too easy to get whatever you want at the touch of your fingertips, brick and mortar local knowledge is KING. The shop kid is truly your gatekeeper to success or failure as a brand. 686 takes pride in supporting the people who live it day in and day out, and we definitely wouldn’t be here without the fans and believers of what we’re trying to do.

686 has built a loyal following over the two decades and we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a lot of people and shops across the globe, big and small. Coming up from a tiny beach town with a few local independent skate shops, I know the true meaning of what supporting local means and how it has an impact on the town. I also understand what happens when larger organizations come in and how they can change the overall landscape. I can’t tell you what’s better or worse, but I can tell you its still possible to create the same feeling of localism and passion with being big. I just returned from the annual Zumiez 100k event in Keystone, Colorado and I’m still blown away how much energy and passion the “shop kid” continually brings. It pushes and inspired me even more. (FYI-Zumiez www.zumiez.com is one of the largest action sport retailers in the US and puts on an event called the 100k. Any Zumiez shop kid who sells more than $100,000 in product is invited to come party and ride with all the execs and pros in the industry) Enough with me talking, let me get my shit together and I’m off. I have a pocket in my jacket for each one of these goodies

Who needs snow at Keystone when it can be MADE

LA and PA in the house-Bobby Hundo and LV rollin' up

686 team general Pat McCarthy bringing his good vibes to Colorado

Is this the way down or are we getting ready to watch a concert?

Revok and Rime playing in the snow

LV ain’t no Revok

We charged the hill with a bunch of good ole folks, had the godfather dinner with the TW family and before we knew it, the sunset and it was time to get all loose at the infamous 100k party.

There’s over 1,200 shops kids in the house that sold over $100k in product. Here’s your top 50


Jay Rose leading the pack for IE and Hawaii

From sea to shining sea

This is where it gets a little weird for me. Well not really, but yes really. Zumiez invites the founders of companies on stage to say a little something. Some take it to next level while others are short and sweet. I think its still weird for me, cuz I’m not use to people yelling, screaming at me or asking for my autograph. Do they know that I’m the dude that sits in the office and travels way too much. The riders on the cover of mags are the ones who you really want to see. Regardless, I’m blessed to have them into the things we’re into. I tell them a few words about following what you believe in and being INDEPENDENT is what drives us in doing some crazy shit. Dennis and Steve
Lake from Sector 9 saying whats up

Will from Dragon

Kids go crazy for Shepard from Obey -as they should

After the hoopla on stage, the fun really begins as we get to hang out with all the true hero’s in the game-the shop kids! This dude was telling us we need to make 3x jkts. Ok!

Ben Hundo and BD up to no good

If you’ve seen our annual B/W Holiday gigs we throw, you know we try to keep it fun, but Zumiez takes it to next level with baby white tiger?

Weezy guest appearances

And LA’s finest, Skrillex absolutely killin' it

Sensory overload - - I’m calling it. Thanks for the good times. Remember to support your shop kid and eat Bacon and Pineapple pizza. Good night.


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