RECLAIM PROJECT-Designers Wanted
Posted on December 20, 2011

Having lived through the entire design-development-merchandising-production process first hand, it was easy to recognize that things could be done differently. In 1996, we were one of the first ones to produce fleece out of recycled plastic bottles. Soon after, we discovered hemp, bamboo and other environmentally friendly means to produce our technically enhanced garments. It was unheard of back then as our world was made up of synthetic fabrics. I tried to look at it from the customer and rider perspective as well. The problem was that the final product looked just like all the other products. Without the hangtag or massive education on what it took to make this eco-friendly jacket, you couldn’t see the difference. In addition, why the hell do you have to go through a longer and toxic process of making a plastic bottle into polyester that doesn’t look any different?! Maybe it’s just me, but I believe that the true meaning of being eco and socially responsible is to minimize the entire process. There’s over 25 million tons of textile related waste produced each year in the States alone, so why not use existing scrap fabrics and leftover trims that would otherwise be thrown away? The RECLAIM project was born from the ideas of 1996 and is on a mission to change the way you think (and look) at technical winter apparel.

Oh I almost forgot, we’re looking for up and coming designers to be part of our RECLAIM design contest which will be held in Denver, Colorado January 26th-29th and Munich, Germany January 28th-February 1st. This is NOT a draw on paper type of gig. You have to know how to CUT and SEW. If you're good enough, we’ll fly you out, and take care of your lodging, while you compete against a few others who think they're better designers than you are. Enter HERE


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