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Posted on February 6, 2012

It’s the busiest time of the year for me in terms of traveling. We’re deep in the sales cycle for our 20th anniversary collection which will drop in September 2012. We actually started in November of 2011 and now at the tail end of the selling cycle. The SIA show in Denver, Colorado is grand daddy of 'em all for the North American market. Crazy days of meetings, showings, sleepless nights of everything in between has pushed back my mashes, so please excuse the lag time.

Trade shows are well just that, trade shows. People close to me know that I’m not the biggest fan of the condensed bro-bra, shake down and rather much more into one-on-one time. I’ll spare you the details and summarize some highlights.

Our head of Sales (Jono) and Marketing (Kristin) doing the pep rally with our reps before the start of the show. Gooooo team!

The entrance to our village of a booth. Yes, we’re livin the dream

In addition to the dozen selling stations and our grand merchandizing area, we brought our collaborative 686 concept car. Peeps were straight out freakin' out.

I think Kearl (Chairman, Skullcandy) and Rick (Founder, Skullcandy) were diggin' the ride

So was OG, Trent Bush (Nomis, Technine)

Outside the booth, we at 686 had our 20 year history boards outlining our inspirations from 1992-2012. Stay tuned for more on this

Towards the front, we presented our RECLAIM PROJECT (with the support of SIA and Malakye) and brought 3 aspiring designers from across the nation to produce a technical jacket from reclaimed materials in 72 hours. Scott (Holden), Pat (Volcom) and Jen (Coal) were cool enough to act as mentors and judge the entire thing.

Say hello to Paul from Brooklyn

Paul’s favorite brand is Acronym. Can you tell?

Jillian from Ohio is in the zone

Jonathan from Hollywood making it loud and proud

Too many characters around the show to mention. My head is about to burst. However, when legendary freestyle master and my idol growing up, TK stops by and says whats up, I realize that it's all good.

TW's natural rider of the year, Jake Blauvelt, his lady and 686 general, Pat McCarthy

About 6 months ago, I mentioned that we were doing a one-of-a-kind concept car with Toyota to my friend Tom (CEO of Spyder). He immediately said “Super Cool.” He also said that Spyder was doing a car with Audi. I’m like “Damn, that’s pretty ill.” So of course, I wanted to see what they did. It was much different than our concept, but in all, still pretty ill. Say Cheese, Tom

Follow the line

If you know SOS Outreach, you know Arn and all the incredible things he and his crew do to support the less fortunate youth in snow sports. However I’d rather not know what he does in his spare time


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