Posted on March 12, 2014

So we decided to do our project "Boyz n Toyz" again, this season the crew has changed a lil bit, Benny Wetscher is in the house too, and again Tom Klocker and Mario Wanger. And of course we will have some friends in it too. Our new filmer for the project is Matthias Reich Cinematography. Check out 686 rider Mario Wanger looking good over in Europe this year powder for days nice work BOYZ!

Posted on February 25, 2014


Short update from my trip to the legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom as well from the 686 team trip!

 It was a hectic start! My flight from Munich to Washington DC had a delay of 40 minutes! I arrived at the airport at 16:30 and my boarding time to Seattle was at 16:35! I was the first guy at the customs and no one was there, after I got through the customs I had to wait for my bags before I could try to catch my flight to seattle ( pain in the ass) after running and sweating my ass off, luckily I catched my flight to seattle!

my friend Pat from 686 and his wife Bethany picked me up at the airport and we drove to there's place in Bellingham! Two days later pat, Brent and I drove up to Glacier where Pat hath his mountain house!

I have to say it was the best trip in the last ten years for me- no cameras, no stress to get shots, I had some beers with old friends, friends what I met over the last years as well I met some new people. I had some really cool snowboarding days with friends and being a part of the 29th Banked Slalom was unreal for me! the organizer's told us: 1200 people tried to get a spot at this years Banked Slalom!

I always dreamed to race at this soul snowboarding event and this year- thx to 686- I was part of this legendary Banked Slalom! They said: because of the snow conditions it was the craziest Banked Slalom in 29 years! I have been to Backer a few times now but I never have seen Baker with this less of snow! At the racing weekend we had -15 degrees and the track was ice like hell!

I was so impressed how everybody was waxing there boards or some other guys brought two boards to the starting spot! I had nothing to loose and maybe my waxing job was not that pro as someone else’s but I qualified on Saturday for the finally on Sunday! I felt super happy that I could race on the final day, so I had to go out for some beers to celebrate that I can race on the next day ;-)! it was a fun night with friends! on the final day every rider had to race two times through the ice track! I am used to powder and I was super stoked that I survived that icy weekend with out any painful moments! This year I got the rank 36 and I will be back next year for the 30th legendary Banked Slalom !

After the weekend we had a day off before the 686 shooting was going down! It was so cool to meet Sammy Luebke, such a funny kid! We had some good days of shooting maybe not the best snow to get lots of action shots but we shot ton’s of photos with the new 686 glcr line! 


thx to Pat, Bethany, Brent, Sammy, Mike, Jenni…….. for an awesome time!!!


Stay tuned for some more updates!


all the best




Posted on February 11, 2014

Anto Brotto and his homies form the banging bees showing us how to make the most of poor conditions on their trip to Slovenia. Check it! 

Posted on January 3, 2014


686 Technical Apparel is proud to introduce the 686 Rider’s Union, a “one-for-one” style program dedicated solely to supporting local snowboarders and retailers.

The Rider’s Union principal is simple - "Support, one jacket at a time." For each 686 Rider’s Union Coach’s Jacket purchased this season, 686 gives another one back to local shop employees and snowboarders. The jackets are produced in limited quantities and only available at select 686 dealers.

“The Rider’s Union project is our way to support specialty retailers who have helped grow snowboarding and 686 from its infancy as well as give back to people who actually ride and are involved in the lifestyle day in and day out.” comments Brent Sandor, 686 Director of Marketing. "It's awesome being able to give back tothose at the core of our sport and lifestyle."

The 686 Rider’s Union was spawned from local snowboarders interest in the team-only Coach’s Jackets produced last spring for the 686 team. 686 decided to sell the jackets and use them as a way to help support local core snowboarders and retailers that have been hit hard by changes in economics in recent seasons.

“We made a super small run of jackets last spring and I literally couldn’t hold onto my jacket for more than one session. Everyone wanted it, and of course I was always down to hook it up. The program grew organically out of that first run of jackets we did,” explains team captain Patrick McCarthy. “It just made sense to take it one step further and offer exclusive team-only style products for sale as well use them as a way to give back to snowboarding.”

Each season, subsequent products designed in collaboration with the 686 pro team of snowboarders will be available in limited quantities - each with the purpose of equally giving back to local snowboarding.

686 Rider’s Union Coach’s Jackets are available at the following retailers:

Boarderline – Juneau, AK
Ski Pro – Mesa, AZ
Val Surf – Valley Village, CA
Ground Zero – Davis, CA
The Boardroom – Boise, ID
Shred Shop – Skokie, IL
Damage – Duluth, MN
Eternal – Reno, NV
Shoreline – Stateline, NV
Sno Haus – Huntington Station, NY
Ski Corner – Scranton, PA
Buckmans – Montgomeryville, PA
Wintersport – Spokane, WA
Station Mont Tremblant – Quebec

Posted on December 30, 2013


Ryan Tarbell's full part just dropped. More hammers than home depot and lowes combined. Make sure to check Markass Monday's for more edit drops. 

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