Chris Corning Double-cork 1080's
Posted on June 5, 2014

Double-cork 1080's at 14? Yep, Chris Corning just put together his season edit for 2014.  Make sure to keep your eyes on this youngster over the next couple of years - he's got some seroious hammer-time tricks on lock down! #Hightechgoodtimes #seasonedit #chriscorning #colorado


Mt Baker Sesh Up
Posted on June 3, 2014

“Every season, ski resorts all over the world have their end of the season send off. Mt Baker is no exception - we have the Mt Baker Seshup. Riders from all over the Pacific Northwest converge on Mt Baker, shovels in hand and work to make this event happen. It’s so cool to see 50 people all-shoveling with a goal: To see everyone send it. It’s a special experience and should be on your list of events to make a priority next season.

This year the weather was perfect for the setting. The sun was shining, there was plenty of snow to make it happen and kegs of beer were snow-cooled over night. 686 had a big crew at the event to represent. Local destroyers, Nate Lind, Matt Wainhouse, Joe Bosler and Matteo Soltane were all there to throw down and kill it.

The step up, usually a long curving run-in, had never been a double line until this year. Straightening out the run-in meant where there used to be safety in the drop in, was now a 10-foot cliff drop at the top, thus ensuring you would reach terminal velocity!

A special shout out to event organizer Steven Goodale who killed it and all the people who rolled out and threw some shovel loads up there and a big shout to jump foreman Joe Bosler for perfecting the build! Make sure to check for the photo dispatch.”


-Patrick McCarthy



Mike's Mash Up
Endless Winter
Posted on July 24, 2014

In the minds of the 686 faction family, winter is always happening somewhere. According to Brent, who heads up our global marketing efforts, “686 is active at every summer camp wearing our special edition mountain mitts, rolling up our sleeves and getting nasty with it. Team General, Pat McCarthy linked up Woodward Tahoe week 1 takeover, Our Rockies rep, Dave Graves linked up and shredded the shit out of Woodward Boreal week 2 take over with nearly every camper getting a Riders Union jacket. We have our main man Brad “Garbage Bear” Broughton on hill every day at Camp of Champions as well as coach Colin D Watt and a slew of other coaches and local pros now wearing the gear, Mike Gray coaching at Windells , Melissa Evans working and riding at Windells, Dannika Duffy working and riding at High Cascade and Max Lyons ripping the shit out of High Cascade all summer.”


Yes, he’s stoked and we’ve been busy in preparation for the upcoming seasons


Below are links to all the edits that have come out so far with our partners. McCarthy, Forest, Cam, Tarbell, Ian, Riley, George Covalla, Mike Gray, Melissa, Dannika, Brad, Brett, Gus, Waino, Bosler, Coonhead and the rest of the crew for representing hard this spring and summer


Ryan Tarbell full part – front page of TW now!


686 Woodward Tahoe recap – Featured edit front page of TW last week


Woodward Tahoe recap by Woodward – Featured on front page of Snowboarder


Mike Gray and his friend Jared 32 tricks on the 32 rail


Woodward Copper Session 2 – Cam Pierce and Brett Esser


Mervy Holy Bowly – Forest Bailey, Gus Warbington


Windells session 3 – Max Lyons


Snowboarder Magazine Video Mag 14 – Riley Nickerson trick tip at 10:30 heavy 686 drop, Seshup and Woodward Boreal coverage


Banging Bees in Deux Alps – Anto Brotto


Chris Corning full part - he’s only 14!

Chris Corning from Big John on Vimeo.


Max Lyons full part


Max Lyons humpday


Matt Wainhouse humpday


Matt Wainhouse Park Rat 2014

Waino Park Rat 2014 from matt Wainhouse on Vimeo.


Mt Baker Sehsup




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